Bad Credit Loans (Part 3) : Summary Review & Bonus Goodies!


Alright ladies and gents, so let's wrap it up. Okay… So let's recap real quick what we went through, and the things that I look for and the things I recommend you state on your Application to avoid getting it red flag and forcing Lending Club to verify your income. I'm not telling you to lie, right remember at the end of the day. They know most of the applicants have bad credit history Okay, so that's not gonna work against you here, right? it's not like a bank that they're gonna turn up their noses because you know You've got a few minor hits on your past credit history. Okay, this is specifically made for those people that don't have the option of Seeking loans elsewhere, so just to recap real quick These are the things that I look for as far as an investor, right? But it doesn't necessarily mean that your application is not gonna get approved right as you've seen Even if you have employment for less than two years your application will still get approved.

Okay? Another thing I look for is the monthly minimum income remember like I showed you on your application, right? They're gonna ask you for your annual Sol. Just take out your calculator and calculate How much am I gonna have to show monthly as far as calculating it annually, right? So in our example we did 2500 annually is gonna come out to about thirty thousand, right? another thing to keep in mind remember, like I said if you're from, New York or California You're gonna want to show that you make a little bit more anywhere else twenty-five hundred is okay But because you're in New York in California The cost of living is much higher So you want to say you make a little bit more for example, maybe thirty five hundred or more? because at the end of the day You gotta show that you're able to afford not only whether your rental or you own your home painting a mortgage But also the added expense now of trying to take out this loan and whatever that monthly payment is gonna be right again Things that you don't want to do to red flag Your application is if you're saying your job title is a waiter and then you're gonna turn around and say that you're making over $5,000 a month that suspect.

Okay, that's gonna raise a red flag so and the day be honest right when you're stating your income be honest and conservative on what you're saying you make Right to avoid having your application being reflect the majority of applications Lending Club does not verify the income Okay But don't be a knucklehead and put some outlandish claim and have your application red flag The reason most people are not honest is because they're afraid yet. Their applications won't get approved. This is not the case here Okay, your application will be approved. So be honest, they're gonna do the credit check Anyway, no matter what. They're gonna do a background check right on public records and the credit check So go ahead and be honest that way your application does not get red flagged and it goes automatically to the approval process and Sent out to all the investors So they can start funding your loan.

Bad Credit Loans (Part 3) : Summary Review & Bonus Goodies!

Okay? alright guys So some of you may need a little bit more help like if you're interested in a little bit more help to repair your credit As part of my main product is the bill credit for your business BCB challenge, right. It's a 30 day challenge within 30 days. I teach you how to build over $100,000 in Business credit but as part of that bundle is our credit repair secrets So what I encourage is I'll put the link below so you guys can take a look at it a little bit more in detail I don't want to waste your time here in this video But if you're interested and you want to learn how to repair your credit as part of my bundle I put in the credit repair secrets when I teach you how to remove all your negative hits on your credit reports I'm talking about credit cards tax liens bankruptcies student loans all that, right So if you need a little bit more help in repairing your credit or even if you just want to learn the secrets of how to boost your credit I even show you how to boost your credit to over a hundred points so you could start getting a plus credit and Start being approved for all these great credit cards whether it be personal or business credit cards, okay? I like to push towards more of the business side because when I'm trying to empower my students is how to build their own Businesses to start making real money, of course, the majority always run into that problem with personal credit So it's part of my bundle.

Hi included personal credit repair secrets, right? So if you need a little bit more help and you interested I'm gonna go ahead and put the link below that way you can fund any type of business goal or strategy or project you got in mind because most of the time what's holding us back is Lack of money or lack of access to money, right? So that's the things I'm revealing here is how to never again be held back due to lack of money. Okay? So again, please remember, you know Go ahead and subscribe to my channel and turn on your alerts That way you automatically alerted when new videos come out and again, you know You know the routine, please like and share. You never know when a friend is in need I may need and this information may hold value to them. Alright. So again, please comment like and share You got any questions I can go ahead and comment below or if there's anything that you would like me to cover in the future By all means let me know so I wish you blessings alone your path to success and like I always Encourage my students at the end of the day trust your gut follow your heart and bet on yourself and double down This is Diego Rodriguez signing out.

Peace, and we'll see you in the next one.

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