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What Happens To Student Loans If You Withdraw – Understanding Drop Vs. Withdraw


What Happens To Student Loans If You Withdraw – 6 Tips

As a college student, it is important that you understand the effects of any changes you make to your student record in regards to course registrations. In this video, learn the difference between course drops and withdrawals and how they affect your academic standing and financial aid eligibility.

IMPORTANT: Withdraw deadlines vary by college. Please visit for precise dates.

It’s important to be realistic about your course progress. The Distance Minnesota Online Advising Team is available seven days a week to assist you in understanding all of your options.

Phone: 1.800.657.3930

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  1. Jahidul Islam MaRuf
    July 23, 2021 at 10:45 am

    Thanks a lot, it helped me more than my counselor!

  2. BlackWomenMatter Too!
    July 23, 2021 at 10:45 am

    Im taking intro to humanities. I failed my first exam, I passed my second exam with a C, and I just took my final exam which I know I failed. So far I have a D in the class. So I know I will have to retake the class because I know I will fail the final exam. I didn’t remember ANY of the material I studied for. But it’s not that I don’t understand the material, I just don’t care because I’m not interested. I had to memorize different artists and their paintings for the final. And it was not multiple choice and there was no word bank. You have to memorize everything.
    Sometimes it’s not the class, it’s the professor you have too. And my humanities professor is tough.

    I should have dropped out.