Student Loans

Reddit Student Loans – Explained: What Are Some Resources That Help Someone With Student Loan Debt? (Travis Hornsby)


Reddit Student Loans – Whats The Best?

In this episode, Robert talks to Travis Hornsby about resources tackling student loans.

Robert Leonard:
Other than maybe some of the resources and blog posts and things of that nature, articles that you have available that you wrote or your company wrote, what are some other resources that people can use to help them find creative ways to pay off their student loans? I’m a big reader myself. I read about 50 books a year, and I have never come across a book or a highly-rated book on student loans or strategies to tackle them. So what kind of resources do you recommend for someone to check out?

Travis Hornsby:
Reddit student loans is basically a section of Reddit that people will get a lot of advice. Some of which is good, some of which is not. You know, I think that also Ben White is a physician who wrote a book on Amazon about student loans. So if you just type in Ben White student loans on Amazon, you’ll find a really good book. About how to pay it, in terms of other blogs, you know, I think probably stick to Reddit, Ben White’s book, and our site. I think that will give you plenty of free resources, if you’re looking for the free resources. The problem is the free resources take time. And so it just depends on what is your time worth? And what’s your personality, if you enjoy doing things yourself then great, do it yourself, right? But if you got a complicated tax situation, you have a business or your spouse does, you have loans, your spouse does not. You owe more than you owe. Like I said, these things can be very complicated, and people don’t even realize how complicated it is.

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