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How Often Can You Refinance Student Loans – Can You Refinance Student Loans More than Once?


How Often Can You Refinance Student Loans – Whats The Best?

Welcome! You may be in the position where you had federal loans, but at some point in time you realized that refinancing with a private lender could save you money in interest payments, shorten your repayment period or more. And now, years later, you see that interest rates are STILL FALLING! What do you do? Can you refinance student loans more than one time? Does it hurt your finances more than it helps? We’re here to help answer that question. Topics covered include:

– Private student lenders and credit checks
– Loan orgination fees and the cost of refinancing
– Fixed vs variable rate student loans
– Cosigners and Parent Plus Loans
– Impact of Debt To Income ratios on interest rates

And much more! Here are just a few of the topics we mentioned that you can go back and research using our previous videos:

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