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Union Home Mortgage Review – Highest Rated?

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This quick introduction is the front piece for our deep dive, online course in the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market. In that course, we will cover everything you need to know to be knowledgeable about residential mortgages in the United States. We will look at the important players/departments in the space as well as Key Terminology that you need to know. We will spend some time unpackaging the consumer buying cycle and examine the life cycle of the mortgage. In addition, we will spend some time examining what goes into originating, servicing and valuing a mortgage by examining the metrics that make up the loan process. We will examine the tools that help a company make a sound credit worthiness decision, by exploring the Credit Report and the Real Estate Appraisal. Finally, we will demystify the Securitization process by looking at the process of Mortgage Securitization and its benefits.

The makeup of the course is as follows, containing nearly 30 modules over 3 sections:

— U.S. Residential Mortgage Business and Process Fundamentals
— U.S. Residential Mortgage Analysis: Bringing It All Together
— Loan Management, Servicing and Securitization

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This course’s contents consists of a video introductions for each section, outlining the key elements to be covered, followed by each module, consisting of a narrated presentation.

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