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Reverse Mortgage Colorado – Reverse Mortgage Explained | #1 Reverse Mortgage Company in Colorado


Reverse Mortgage Colorado – Best Deal Right Now?

Reverse Mortgage Explained | #1 Reverse Mortgage Company in Colorado

Silver Leaf Mortgage is the top reverse mortgage broker in Colorado, and among the top 65 reverse mortgage brokers in the country. We love working with clients to help them understand how they can benefit from a reverse mortgage, and we guide you every step of the way. We also specialize in jumbo reverse mortgages and reverse mortgages for purchase.

Live the Retirement You Dreamed!
It’s simple and easy – qualification is based on these important factors:

-The borrower must own the home.
-You must be 62 years or over. (A non-borrowing spouse may be under age 62.)
-The home must be your primary residence.

There are some other factors you should understand:
-The property must be FHA approved.
-Qualification is based on the age of the youngest borrower.
-Principal residence means that you live there for six months and one
day per year.
-You must continue to pay property taxes and home owners insurance
and maintain the home.
-The reverse mortgage must be used to pay off your traditional
mortgage. Additional proceeds may be used as you choose.
-The loan proceeds are not taxable by the government (check with
your financial adviser).

The Reverse Mortgage Loan Process
A reverse mortgage makes sense whether you want to be more certain of having the financial resources to fund longevity, or you simply need to eliminate your mortgage payment to make ends meet. Financial planners are increasingly seeing the advantages of accessing the equity in your home to make retirement more stable and less stressful.

Contact us for a free consultation.
-Complete the loan application, often over the phone.
-Do the required counseling with a HUD counselor in person or over
the phone.
-Receive the great news that you are approved for a reverse mortgage.
-Get the results of your appraisal.
-Close your loan in your own home. No need to go anywhere.

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