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What are VA loan requirements for a manufactured home in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, or Texas? Can a VA loan be used for a manufactured home? Can you buy a manufactured home with a VA loan in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, or Alabama?

Now, these are all great questions and today’s topic will review VA loan requirements for a manufactured home. As you will see, the VA loan program is extremely flexible and provides a secure financing source for our veterans which allows for credit flexibility, a wide range of eligible properties, and with affordable no down payment financing.

In our short video, I will unlock a hidden secret of the VA program and explain how you can purchase a manufactured home with a VA loan.

In order to purchase a manufactured home with a VA loan, all manufactured homes must meet VA minimum property requirements (“MPRs”). VA loan requirements for a manufactured home include the following:

• Real Estate Entity: The manufactured home and site must be considered a real estate entity in accordance with state law and meet all local zoning requirements for real estate.

• Permanent Foundation: The manufactured home must be placed on a permanent foundation, constructed to withstand both supporting loads and wind-overturning loads, that meets state and local requirements.

• HUD Standards: The manufactured home must be built to HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

• Space Requirements: The manufactured home must have a floor area of not less than 700 square feet for a double-wide manufactured home.

• State/Local Requirements: Fee appraisers are expected to be familiar with state and local regulations governing manufactured homes (for example, missing HUD labels, alterations, modifications, additions, or component replacements), and to prepare appraisals subject to appropriate requirements for compliance.

• Proposed Construction: If the manufactured home is appraised as proposed construction (i.e., new construction manufactured home and land), the following exhibits are required:
o foundation plan,
o floor plan showing room layout and exterior dimensions,
o elevation plans, and
o specifications for flooring, heating, plumbing, electrical equipment, appliances and other items included with the manufactured home.

As you can see, the VA program can be extremely powerful and because we are licensed in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama we can help qualify you to purchase a manufactured home with a VA loan in any of these states.

As a VA Approved Lender, we will walk you through the VA loan qualifying process step-by-step. Just call or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

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