Socially Responsible Investing Jobs – Socially Responsible Investing: Good for People, the Planet and You


Socially Responsible Investing Jobs – Review

Impact Investing (also called value-based investing, socially responsible investing, or sustainable investing) means investing with a focus on the impact of your investments – channeling investments to opportunities that have a positive impact and away from investments that have a harmful impact.

Options for impact investing are becoming more widely available. They have a lot to offer financial social workers because when investments are consistent with values, it increases motivation and improves psychological and financial wellbeing while contributing to a more just and sustainable economy.

Watch this video to learn how socially responsible investing benefits individuals, the planet, and a more equitable/sustainable world.


– Overview of impact investing
– Impact investing and social work
– Fundamental concepts for evaluating investments
– Examples of a range of impact investment options from “Wall Street” to “Main Street”
– Demonstration of select investing platforms

DISCLAIMER: The presenter of this video is not an investment professional. Information shared is for educational purposes only. Information shared is the opinion of the presenter based on personal experience. Remember that all investing contains financial risk and conduct your own due diligence.

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