Santander Loan – Santander Auto Loan Settlement Doesn't Include My State! What Should I Do Now?


Santander Loan – Most Popular?

One question that has been frequently asked is ‘what should i do if my state is not included in the Santander Auto Loan Court Settlement’?

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That is a great question. There are other states that are left out of the Santander Car Loan Settlement and they should also receive some sort of restitution for their troubles. Im glad that the other states will get what they deserve but what about the rest of the country.

Here is the link to the Fairshake website i spoke about in the video…

People all over the US have been affected by the banks lending tactics. Attorney Generals from over 30 states have taken action on Santander Consumer Bank USA because of predatory lending. They came to a settlement of $550 million dollars!

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The attorney generals from the other states need to push for some kind of satisfaction for the people who were taken advantage of in those states. Watch the video for what I suggest you should do if your state was not included in the court settlement.

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  1. Rosetta Denton
    July 29, 2021 at 2:14 pm

    I contacted the attorney general in Arkansas they don't know nothing. Thxs