Real Estate Investing Made Simple – How to Make Sense of The Deal: Real Estate Investing Made Simple With Grant Cardone


Real Estate Investing Made Simple – Whats The Best?

How to Make Sense of The Deal: Real Estate Investing Made Simple With Grant Cardone

Cash is trash. Go illiquid. Invest in hard assets that won’t lose money, produces a monthly cash flow and has the possibility of appreciation in the future. Learn the reasons to invest and the most important number in real estate in today’s show.

Cash is not king. Cash gets destroyed in value. A bank loans it out as fast as they take it in, because cash doesn’t retain its value.

If you have a little bit of money left over after your expenses, get rid of it. Invest it, otherwise the value will go down.

Investing can be simple. Real estate doesn’t require a college education or website, this business can’t be taken over, can’t be destroyed and will only increase in value.

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    Grant Cardone is a fraud! He does not stand behind his own products! He recently scammed my Veteran Father in law for more than $500! Do a google search for "Cardone Capital Fraud" and you will see for yourself who this SNAKE really is! Silver Law Group is currently putting together a class action Law suite against His company!

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    The bank does loan you money it’s called margin and it’s purposely for stocks.
    Also we are in the biggest bull market in history more money been made in past 4 years in market than ever in history!

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    good job bro thanks for the passion and knowledge

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    Old video he is bald and older now you have Class action lawsuits by misleading your investors

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    I’m in Texas north of Houston, you know the nice suburbs where apartment complexes are going up everyday and the rents of existing ones are going up. I want to make a deal with you. I’m ready to build an empire. Let’s talk.

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    Such a shill. Comical.

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    Hey Grant, How can I buy properties as a foreigner in USA? Without fund in my own way.

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    Renting is throwing your money away💰

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    ​i love this guy, i don't understand anythinggg he says but i feel like i'm getting smarter just by listening -Ewoud Hessels . true overtime i understand the real estate stuff more n more the more i listen. very grateful!

  25. Chris Topher
    July 30, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Closed-End Mutual Funds pay high dividends of 7%-13% paying me MONTHLY. Absolutely cash-flowing stocks exist, higher risk though.

  26. Hamid R Naderi
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    He is right maaan!… dont give your money to the bank, give your money to cardone capital they will take a good care of it LOL!!!! cardone capital is a FRAUD DONT TRUST THIS FAKE GURU. All his Live Shows are pre-recorded.

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    Having a backup plan is very important for every individual in this 21st Century. With the rise and fall in the economy one should have the idea of investing in crypto currencies.

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    Hey Grant,
    Thanks for your expertise! Do you like to invest in other countries like Australia as well?

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    Non of your funds pay 6 percent, There needs to be historical proof on your claim of 6 percent. Yikes please be careful.

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    Invest in projects where you know what's going on or share the money that you're ready to lose.

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