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Loan By Phone – Review

Ever wanted to make real money in real estate??? Listen to me “LIVE” talking to a new potential client about a hard money deal in Los Angeles. From A to Z….Calling, engaging, selling and making money. listen up!!! Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Yanni Raz.
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Yanni is a successful real estate tycoon who wants to make you an unstoppable force through his motivational tip of the day. His goal is to inspire his viewers who are searching for success and happiness in life. Through his tip of the day, Yanni will highlight the keys to success that he has discovered throughout his life. Above all else, this channel’s purpose is to bring greater value to his viewer’s lives.

Yanni wants you to achieve both personal and financial success. It is time to become fearless and lead a powerful life. With Yanni’s tip of the day and his new book UNSTOPPABLE, you can do just that. At 19 years old, Yanni was pronounced dead after a terrible car accident. Brought back to life by medical personnel, he was faced with paralysis and was told he would never walk again. The incident awoke an unstoppable mindset within Yanni, a mindset that enabled him to fully recover and become an inspirational success story.

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