Investing Online For Dummies – How To Start Investing With $0 (My 7 Steps)


Investing Online For Dummies – Best Deal Right Now?

How you can start investing with no money, step by step

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This is how to start investing with no money step by step. This is what I did after I quit my job to survive and grow my business into a multiple six figure business. Hope this helps you! Here are the 7 steps.

Step #1: Claim money that is owed to you. This tip is worth the entire reason for clicking this video. The government might owe you money and you have no idea about it. Whether it’s a credit card you overpaid, a utility bill, a bank account you closed, money that is yours must be reported by law, to the unclaimed property department of the US government. You can check this database by entering your name and state to see if you’re owed money:

Also check the department of labor, if the company you worked or work for broke labor laws or you’re owed back pay. The Department of Labor holds your money for up to 3 years. Go to

Once you’ve done that, third place to look is insurance money for which there are 2 major categories. The veterans life insurance funds from:

Another place to check is from the FHA mortgage, so if you own a house, and you pay your mortgage, you could be owed a refund from HUD – the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The website for that is

Check tax refunds directly from the IRS website as well:
If your bank has failed, go check here if you can claim money:

If your credit union has failed, go here to check if you’re owed money:

If your brokerage like Robinhood has failed, go here to start the claim process:

If your bonds have stopped paying interest and have matured, you may be owed money:

For all other claims, here is the consolidated page directly from the US Government website:

Step #2 So now that you’ve hopefully got some money to start with, the second thing that’s absolutely free, is to start selling – how to make money online courses – just kidding. Start reselling on ebay, Offer Up, and Craigslist. You’ll be surprised how much money you can raise from old stuff that’s laying around.

Step #3 Start to make $100 a day. I like to think of money like water, it can be ice or it can be a gas – it has different states. Money is like that too, it can be passive income, or it can be active income. You can make money sleeping, or you can make money working, or you can turn it into time. We need to buy you some time. So get yourself an internet connection. It’s free. If you go to a public library, a friend’s house, or if you have no friends (forever alone) go to a coffee shop, you’ll find free internet. Then, start to rent a room out at your place, or call a friend and offer them a portion of your income for borrowing their space. The video is here:

Step #4 Start Freelancing. In 2017, I was 100% jobless with no future, not unlike still today. I started to leverage my skill in entertainment to get high end clients paying me $2k per hour, which sounds impossible right? Actually corporate clients need to use their budgets every quarter so as not to be given a smaller budget next year – knowing that, I knew they needed somewhere to spend the excess capital. Why not me pay me to entertain them?

Step #5 Learn video production. That’s how I got booked. Whether you’re a magician, a photographer, a DJ, an accountant, a real estate investor – does not matter. YouTube teaches everything you need to know with regards to being a content creator for free. Take advantage of this!

Step #6 Social media / Content Creator. Assuming , you can write, and maybe you have a smartphone that can record videos. You don’t have to be a personality to do this. In fact, you don’t need even need to be on camera to do this, it costs zero dollars.

Step #7 Crowdfunding on Kickstarter which is a fundraising platform that allows you to present your idea to the world, and if people like it, they buy into it, giving you the actual money to realize your vision whether that’s a product, service, or a show!

Thanks for watching the Investing Online For Dummies video!

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