Impact Investing Dc – Impact Investing at Harvard with Shawn Cole and Vikram Gandhi


Impact Investing Dc – Review

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About this program:

Impact investing, and sustainable investing more broadly, has been making significant strides not only in capital markets and in the world of philanthropy, but in higher education as well. Increasing numbers of graduate and undergraduate schools, often led by intrepid pioneers located in business schools, are establishing courses that introduce students to the many aspects of the triple bottom line — from democratizing impact investing and financial inclusion to private/public markets and mission-related investing, to measuring and managing impact.

Under the leadership of Shawn Cole and Vikram Gandhi, Harvard Business School has launched an impact investing course focusing on “the intersection of investing/finance and key global challenges, guided for example by the Sustainable Development Goals, including climate, gender equality, and poverty reduction.” In this program, Impact Entrepreneur’s Laurie Lane-Zucker welcomes Harvard’s Vikram Gandhi and Shawn Cole to discuss the course and how it fits into HBS’s evolving relationship to mission-driven business and investing, and whether (and how) it reflects an accelerating wave of transformative change in academia’s engagement with sustainability.

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  1. The Sustainability Practitioners
    July 30, 2021 at 8:20 pm

    How can i get a detailed course content module wise.