Can You Finance A New Hvac System – Tips For Choosing The Right One

Purchasing a new HVAC system is one of the most significant investments you’ll make for your home. So getting HVAC financing should be the least of your worries But I wanted to let you know that we offer some great options for financing here at Fox Family Heating and Air. So, what follows is a few different financing solutions for our customers to help ease the financial burden.

Synchrony is our most popular form of HVAC financing. It offers an unsecured revolving credit line (like a credit card), specifically for home improvements like your upcoming HVAC system. They have no liens attached to your HVAC equipment either.

The 5 Reasons we use Synchrony Financing are:
1. Their payment options
2. Their easy application process
3. The instant credit decision
4. It’s completely digital
5. There’s no minimum

The other form of HVAC financing we use is GoGreen Financing through PG&E utility company. Customers can apply for this loan by going to The customer works directly with the lender for the application and HVAC financing documents. This process, from application to system installation, typically takes about 5-7 days.

Once all required paperwork is in place, GoGreen will provide us with an authorization to proceed with the system installation.

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