Automatic Premium Loan Provision – Basics of Life Insurance – Mortality Tables & Vocabulary Labels


Automatic Premium Loan Provision – Highest Rated?

EduTrainer Steve Savant coaches you through the mortality tables & vocabulary labels to help create a basic understanding of planning applications of life insurance.

The Statistics:
The 2001 Commissioners standard Operating Mortality Tables (CSO)
The Odds of Dying Before Age 65
Deaths per Thousand
The Society of Actuaries 2008 Valuation Based Tables (VBT)

Financial planning without risk management is a vain pursuit and an injustice to the client. Without a reasonable assessment of life expectancy, retirement models, business succession strategies or estate transfer tactics are irrelevant.

Establishing longevity timelines is critical is long term care, spousal survivorship benefits and generational transfers of assets.

Life Insurance Basic Entry Manual: Order-

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