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Debt Consolidation Tulsa – Do-It-Yourself Debt Relief


Debt Consolidation Tulsa – Review

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There are many well-respected self-help credit and debt experts who provide a wealth of valuable advice on the wise use of credit and how to become debt free — experts such as Dave Ramsey, Suzie Orman, Clark Howard, and many others. But regardless of the system you follow — the first step in a successful do-it-yourself debt relief program is to do everything possible to live within your means — avoiding unnecessary “impulse” purchases that cause debts to spiral out-of-control. By creating and maintaining a realistic budget, you will avoid taking on additional debt.

In addition, you can take steps on your own to reduce existing debt by contacting creditors directly to request more favorable interest rates or terms, or offer to settle debt for less than the full amount owed.

The bottom line: If you have high-interest credit cards and other debts and are struggling to make ends meet — you are in need of debt relief. Whether you take advantage of a debt relief program such as debt consolidation or debt settlement, or commit yourself to take control of your finances and negotiate with creditors on your own — take positive steps today to get on the path to become debt-free.

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