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Debt Consolidation Chattanooga Tn – Whats The Best?

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Baha’is in South Carolina, like Baha’is around the world, are building spiritual communities side by side with others to create peaceful communities. This is a long term learning process that is the challenge of all of humanity—building one world requires the whole community. Through the publication of Trudy and the Baha’is’ Spiritual Path in South Carolina, Reynolds hopes readers will realize that everyone can work together to build peaceful spiritual communities no matter what belief and background one comes from. Regardless of their social situations, young people have many wonderful powers to contribute to the fortunes of humanity toward peace.

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  1. Ellen McAllister-Flack
    July 30, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    How wonderful to see you Annette and hear you recount stories from South Carolina. Many memories flashed before my heart. Precious were those days and the many friends made there.