What Is The Best Way To Build Credit – Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Choosing The Best Company

You know somethings just don’t make any sense in this world, like the idea that you can graduate with an entire degree after 4 years; and then while trying to apply for a job they all need like 10 years of experience. ( how does that work )

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1. Secured Credit Cards
Here is how secured credit cards work:
– Traditional normal unsecured credit cards have a revolving balance
– And the money you owe is the banks money, so if you don’t pay, the bank is out of luck
– But with a secured credit card, imagine it like putting down a deposit for your credit, so you might put down a deposit of 250 and get a credit line of $250 or $300, meaning you are playing with your own money ( and yes your payments will be reported )

What are the best Secured Credit Cards:
– Capital One platinum Secured Credit Card is the best ( my mom used it and it helped her out a lot, and the deposit is refundable ofcourse )
– Discover it secured credit card
– OpenSky ( annual Fee of $35 and its for people with the worst credit in history, 99.99% of people will get in )
– Petal 2 credit cards: that pays you cash back when you make ontime payments

If things go Wrong: Call in and explain whats going on. I’m new credit, I have a job, and I want to build credit.

2. Top credit builder accounts
– A credit builder account is kind of like a fake loan that they give you
– Its like you get qualified for $1000 loan and the money is kept in a CD ( where you cant touch it )
– And then you get to make payments on it ( between $15-150Months )
– And obviously you get your money back because you never took the loan, minus the fees
– The fees can range from $40-150 in 12-24 months

The Top companies that currently do this are
– Self
– Credit Strong

3. Top bank accounts
– Chime Credit Builder Visa ( you move money from your checking to credit account, and that’s you limit and you build credit by making payments)
– Money Lion
– Credit Unions

Who is this video for:
– people that are new credit and want to get started
– To build credit and fix credit for the future
– If they want to buy a house, get an apartment or even get a job these days




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