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What Is The Best Credit Rating You Can Have – 800 Credit Scores Are POINTLESS – Focus On THIS Instead


What Is The Best Credit Rating You Can Have – Advice How To Choose The Best Company

Why credit is overrated!

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As a real estate investor and business owner, I understand that a lot of people think credit is very important when it comes to buying real estate. I understand where the logic comes from, but I’m here to tell you that credit is not as important as you think. I’m going to debunk that myth and tell you what to focus on.

A credit score of 800 is not as useful as you may think. Interests rates are at an all time low and someone with a perfect credit score is not going to get that much of a better deal than someone with fairly good credit.

When I first started house flipping, I maxed out all my credit cards. I ended taking out $50,000 to fund my first flip, and got $25,000 back. I kept all those credit cards maxed out because I knew I was going to make more money than what it would cost me in interest. As long as your making more than what you pay in interest, it’s a win.

Your credit score is going to decrease every time you apply to use it, so it makes more sense to use it for financial benefits, rather than just letting it sit and you not profiting from it.

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