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What Is A 850 Credit Score Worth – Why You DON’T NEED a Perfect 850 Credit Score


What Is A 850 Credit Score Worth – Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Company

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Hey credit warriors, and a lot of people often obses with getting their credit score into the 800 club or even up to the highest possible level of 850, which is as high as most scoring models go here in the United States. But the 800 club is a lot like the mile high club, you can do the same thing at a lower altitude and it is the same or better actually.

So in this video we are going to tell you why having a sky high credit score doesn’t really matter, once you are above a certain level and we will tell you what that level is so that you can always qualify for the best interest rates on any credit product you apply for. If you like the sound of that and other credit related content, hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you never miss a video.

So when someone starts building their credit score they normally focus on credit cards first. Once you get your credit score to around 700, you can basically get approved for any credit card. Some banks may want to see other factors, like Chase likes to see at least a year of credit history for example and some other cards may require a higher income. But assuming other factors are in order, above 700 you can get any credit card.

For other credit products like loans and mortgages credit scores determine the interest rate you will get, provided you meet the minimum credit score required for the product. Banks sort people into groups based on credit score and offer different products to different groups and also better interest rates to people with higher scores. These groups are set in stone, so if you have a 699 credit score, you wont get offered the interest rates that the people with scores of 700 and above will be offered.

So what are these credit score ranges and what score do you need to be offered the best interest rates and the best credit opportunities?

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