What Credit Score Is Good For Renting – 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Company

Do you need a credit score to rent an apartment? Most say yes, some say no. I find out for sure in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where I live and work as a financial coach. No credit? No score? No problem!

Most landlords and apartment complexes are not as concerned about your credit as much as a deposit. No score is better than bad score.


My name is David Georgia, and I’m a certified financial coach.

My marriage started with $66,000 of debt. And to be honest, it felt like a black hole that we would never be able to dig out of.

But with a lot of hard work and a few key guiding principles, we developed a plan that led to us paying our entire debt within 20 months of being married.

These guiding principles are the same ones I use when working with clients today.

My goal for clients is the same one we had for ourselves: To help them take control of their finances, approach money without anxiety and live their best life.


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