What Are Good Credit Scores In Canada – 9 Tips To Find (& Hire) The Best Company

Having a high credit score in Canada is extremely important. In this video titled ‘Credit Score In Canada – Explained (For Newcomers & Beginners)’, I talk about what credit score is, what credit scores are made of, why credit score matters, and how you can build your credit score if you are moving to Canada.

I wish I knew about credit scores before I moved to Canada. Credit Score can often be intimidating, boring and confusing. So I broke down every single concept to the most basic level so that if you are a newcomer or beginner, you can still understand the world of credit scores as easily as possible.

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0:00 Let’s Get Started
0:18 What Even Is Credit?
1:48 Why Should You Care About Credit Scores?
3:51 What Score Means What?
5:29 What Affects Your Credit Score?
7:11 How Do You Improve Your Credit Score?
9:53 But What If You’re A Newcomer
11:03 My Credit Story

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