Best Credit Score Possible – 4 Steps To Choosing The Right One

Video Chapters
0:00 Intro
0:17 Credit reporting agencies
0:36 Credit accounts to start
1:07 Minimum credit score for mortgage
1:29 10 – Get copies of credit reports annually
2:16 9 – Pay off collections & bad debts
3:17 8 – Don’t carry SIN card
3:40 7 – Don’t co-sign debts for others
4:20 6 – Keep up with cell phone bills
4:54 5 – Don’t have too many credit cards
5:48 4 – Limit credit inquiries
7:14 3 – Reduce credit balances to under 75% of limit
8:13 2 – Monitor credit accounts
9:01 1 – Pay debts on time
9:57 Conclusion

If cash is king then the queen is definitely credit.

My name is Kevin Carlson and I have been a mortgage broker in Canada for over 15 years helping clients with a wide variety of credit situations. Helping my clients with their mortgages is not just my job, it’s my passion. There is no better feeling professionally to be able to set up a client with the very best mortgage rate available to save them thousands in interest in the years to come.

However, when a client comes to me with a difficult past credit history it pains me that I cannot get them the very best rates going or even worse, decline their mortgage request completely.

In this video I go over my top 10 ways to increase your credit score and keep it there in 2019. These credit tips and trick will help you increase your credit score quickly so that when you need any sort of credit you will be approved for the very best rates possible.

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