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How To Raise Your Credit Score By 200 Points


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How to raise your credit score by 200  points? Did you know that at one point   I had a 558 credit score and in just  a matter of weeks, I had it over 770?   Yes. I literally got my credit score increased  by over 200 points.

And now, it’s over 800.   I’m going to share with you exactly what  I did and how you can do it too. Let’s go. So, when we are talking about credit, we are  talking about personal credit scores.

Many of you   guys may be aware that there are 3 credit bureaus  that report personal credit. You have Equifax,   Transunion and Experian. Those 3 credit bureaus  will report all of the trade lines for all of   the debts that you’ve taken out.

For example if  you have student loans, if you have credit cards,   if you have a car loan, if you have a mortgage;  all of those different things will report   on your credit report as a trade line.

They’ll report when you open the account,   how much you owe them, what the payments  are, how well you pay them. And basically,   all of the information regarding that account. You  also want a mix of different accounts.

You don’t   want all credit cards because those are considered  revolving accounts. You also don’t want just a car   loan, or a couple car loans because those are  installment accounts. You really want a nice mix   of the different types of accounts that exist.

And you want to make sure that you are paying   everybody on time. Those are the main things when  it comes to personal credit. So, let me get into   how you increase that score. So, step one, the  first thing that you want to do when we’re talking   about increasing your personal credit scores,  you need to know what your credit score is.

Now,   many times I know you’ve heard that you can get  your credit report absolutely free. You can go to   sites like and get a free  copy of your credit report annually.

However,   you will not get your real credit score by getting  that free report. You’re going to have to pay   a little bit of money to actually see what your  fico score is. I’m going to give you a link below   to a company called myfico.

com. I have found that  they are excellent resource for pulling my credit   pulling my students and my other clients credits  and it’s very accurate to what their real fico   scores are. I’m telling you a secret but I really  found that Credit Karma and a couple of the other   ones, their scores are not necessarily as accurate  as my fico has been into what some of the lenders   are seeing.

So, if you want to get your credit  score and you want to get your credit score up,   you got to know where you start. So, go ahead  and pull that credit report and pay a little   bit of money to find out what your credit  score is so that we can go from there.

So,   when it comes to personal credit, there’s a major  problem that many people have already found and   this is one of the things that I found. As  I started using a lot of my credit cards,   my credit score started to go way down but I  needed to use my personal credit in order to   build my business.

So, I’ll take you back. Many  of you guys know that I started investing in   real estate around 2002-2003 and I was a complete  disaster. I ended up losing everything and ended   up back in my parents’ basement with multiple  foreclosures and bad credit.

I was a disaster.   But while I was in my parents’ basement, I  learned something called wholesaling. I learned   how to find people with property problems and I  learned how to get those properties under contract   and then flip those contracts to other investors  for a fee.

I literally started making five and ten   thousand dollars per deal and I was able to get  myself out of my parents’ basement. The problem   is I still kind of had bad credit. I would pay off  some of my debts and I started paying down things   and trying to get myself back into position.

But  I still had a very low credit score because of all   of the foreclosures in the bankruptcies that were  on my credit report. So, when I was looking to   increase my credit score, I had to get creative.

One of the things that I did was I got someone to   sponsor me. So, many of you guys know that you can  find someone to put you as an authorized user on   their credit cards. I did this and my credit score  increased by over a 100 points.

I literally was   able to ask my dad if he would put me on some of  his credit cards. I knew he had very good credit   but I knew he wasn’t going to like co-sign for me  or anything like that.

So, I simply asked if he   could put me on his credit cards as an authorized  user especially credit cards that had no balance   and a very high credit limit. For example, he had  an American Express that had like an $8,000 limit   or something like that.

And he didn’t carry a  balance on it. Meaning, he never really used   the card and he had had that card for like 7 or  8 years. So, when he added me to that account,   they started reporting that on my personal credit  report as an authorized user and my credit score   increased.

He did that on about 5 or 6 of his  credit cards and that was how I was able to get my   credit score up 100 points. So, that’s how you get  your first 100 points. You need to find a sponsor,   you need to find someone with very good personal  credit and ask them if they will allow you to be   an authorized user on those accounts.

They do not  have to even give you the credit card so there’s   very little risk to them. The next thing that I  did to increase my credit score that you can do   is you need to get some of that bad credit  off of your credit report.

You’ve got to   start cleaning up your credit report. So, one of  the things that I learned is that you could get   errors or omissions or things  like that on your credit report   off of it.

Because what I learned was the burden  of proof was on the person that reported it.   So, in other words, if I had a charge off  with a t for a cell phone that I didn’t pay,   the burden of proof was be on At&T to prove that  it was me and to prove that I still owe the debt.

And if they did not verify it, it would have to  be removed off of my credit report. Well, you can   do the same thing. Once you have the copy of your  credit report as I’ve already told you to do when   you have all of the accounts.

It’s very simple to  just go through them and find any inaccuracies,   any errors, anything that you could dispute to get  that off of your credit report. You need to find   any inaccuracies, any errors, or any  misrepresentations.

Or if it’s something   that you see on your credit report that you  just don’t recognize or you don’t recall,   you can also get that removed. So, you can start  getting bad credit deleted off of your credit   report by starting to file some of those disputes  and by locking up your credit.

The next thing you   can also get off of your credit is inquiries.  Many times when we apply for things, people will   pull our credit and they will pull it many, many  times with different lenders.

You may go to apply   for a car for example and they may shop your loan  through all of these different companies and each   of those companies is giving you hard inquiries.  You literally can take it into your own hands and   start to get those hard inquiries removed from  your credit report.

I’ve literally made a video   about this and I’m going to put a link in there  on how to remove those hard increase because it   is amazing and it is something that you need to  do and this is how you will get even more points.

What happens with those hard inquiries is  is probably costing you about 5 points for   each one where you got declined from. And if  you can get those inquiries removed… Again,   they’ll remove from themselves after 25 months,  okay? Because it has to stay up there for 2 years.

After 25 months, they’ll automatically fall off  your credit report. But if you want to get those   removed sooner, you can go ahead by doing that  and following the process that I outlined for you   and again I made a whole video for you.

So, you  want to start cleaning up that credit removing   any bad credit and errors, omissions,  misrepresentations, things you don’t represent.,   things that you don’t recall. And then last but  not least disputing and removing all of those hard   inquiries and getting that credit report cleaned  up.

Okay. And last but not least, like I said,   I was going to give you a big secret on how you  would never have to worry about personal credit   again and do all of what Noelle did. So, like  I said, I have great personal credit right now   but I had terrible personal credit a couple of  years ago.

I was in a situation where I didn’t   know anything about personal credit but more  importantly, I didn’t know about business credit.   One of the things that has changed my personal  credit situation forever is the fact that now I   have a strong business credit profile for all  of my businesses.

I’m able to access hundreds   of thousands actually millions for some of my  business in business funding using my business   credit profile. This doesn’t go on my personal  credit report as I use those business credit   cards, my score is not going all up and down like  it was when I was using my personal credit card.

And now, I’m in a situation where I really  don’t even have to touch my personal credit,   my business credit handles everything that I need.  Additionally, when it comes to business credit,   the limits are so much more higher.

With personal  credit, oftentimes, if you get a capital one card   for example, they may only give you $1,000. But  with a Capital One business credit card, they’ll   start you off with $5,000 where they would have  probably just started you off with $1,000 with the   personal one.

So, again, the limits, the amounts,  everything are so much higher. It’s a different   world and you really want to step into the world  of business credit. First, follow the steps that   I said and fix that personal credit but please  take a look and learn about business credit.

I’ve   made a ton of videos teaching you all about this  absolutely free. Let’s get on that bandwagon. So,   there you have it. You now know how to increase  your credit score by 200 points.

I’ve given you   all of the steps, all of the different things that  I’ve done and told you exactly how to do it. Make   sure you click that like button. Make sure you  subscribe to my channel.

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This is Noelle. To your success.

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