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Is 664 A Good Credit Score – Good and Bad Credit Scores | What is a good credit score? Fico


Is 664 A Good Credit Score – How to Choose

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Credit Score. Which one do you fall into? In this video, I explain what the difference is and how your score affects your home buying power. Call Chris Trapani 310-350-2546

With so many great down payment assistance programs available, I am constantly asked What is a good credit score? What is a cad credit score? What score do I need for a down payment assistance program?

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In most cases, a good credit score is considered a score above 720. 760 is a great credit score and 800 is amazing.

When it comes to most down payment assistance programs throughout the country a 640 credit score seems to be the key. 640 is considered poor to fair credit at best. These types of Fico scores would certainly not get you the best rate on any of the standard loans and would usually result in a higher rate for sure, but with the special down payment assistance loans, these programs that are 640 and above have the same rate for a poor score of 640 as they do have for a great score of 800!

Whan it comes to VA loans & FHA loans, the minimum score can go as low as 500 with some lenders, and 550 for others. These credit scores indicate really bad credit, but these government loans can allow you to buy a home anyway! There are minimum guidelines that can require a certain timeframe after a bad event that may have been either the cause or the result on missed payments etc.

On conventional loans, FNMA and Freddie Mac, a 620 is always the minimum score and on JUMBO is 680 plus.


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