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Credit Score 725 – How to get a 725 Credit score after filing bankruptcy


Credit Score 725 – Best Deal Right Now?

There are a fes simple steps I outline on my website how people can get a high FICO score after filing bankruptcy. Most of your debts will be listed as account closed after you file bankruptcy. If your creditor continues to report the acocunt as due after your file bankruptcy you probably have a Fair Credit Reporting Act violation and you are able to sue the creditor. The facts are that three different federal reserve studies show the average person who files bankrutpcy have higher credit scores and higher net worth than people who do not file. Your first obligation is to your family not your creditors. Download our book on how to file bankruptcy, foreclosure, and managing student loans

This video, the information on our website, and the free book help you plan bankruptcy or defend against debt collection rather than be a victim of the mortgage company or rescue scams. See the information on our website and free book, which explains what you need to know about filing bankruptcy and defending foreclosures, student loans, and tax collection. The website and book are written by a former tax department collection attorney explaining how to discharge debt and keep as much of your property as possible. Nick is a former assistant attorney general, Kentucky assistant county attorney and has license #51 before the US Tax Court in Washington DC as one of the first 50 tax prosecutors before the court

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