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Credit Score 712 – FICO Score vs Credit Score [What's the Difference?]


Credit Score 712 – How to Choose

FICO Score vs Credit Score [What’s the Difference?]

What is the difference between your FICO score and your credit score? In this brief video we discuss why the FICO vs credit score line is so fuzzy and what the actual difference is.

I recently pulled my FICO score from Looking into my own scores from the different credit bureaus really made me start to question. The biggest question being “why are credit scores different between agencies?”

But I also started wondering just what credit scores and FICO scores are and how they differ. I’m not a credit expert. But since I had this question myself, I decided to look into it.

We’ll explain how FICO is different from a VantageScore by looking into each model. Of course we could do a much deeper dive into how credit scores are calculated. However, for most of us, the basics are all you need to effectively build a strong credit score.

00:00 – INTRO
00:23 – Credit Score Defined
01:15 – FICO Score Defined
02:22 – The Big Difference
03:33 – What Surprised Me About My FICO Score
04:40 – Wrap Up

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