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Credit Score 664 – Pay For Delete Collection Account | Paying Collections to Increase Credit Score


Credit Score 664 – How to Choose

Paying Collections to Increase Credit Score | Pay for Delete Collection Account
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This video discusses if simply paying down a collection account will lead to an improved credit score. This question is explored by looking at a collection account that was paid down recently following a settlement in full using pay for delete negotiation tactics.
In the video, we walk through a collections account that was recently paid down and how that impacted a real credit score. In this video we also explore the three key areas in a credit report that often has incorrect information following a settlement on a collection account.
Paying down a collection alone is not enough to improve a credit score, however using a pay for delete or settlement will impact that credit score if appropriate updates are made by the collection company to the credit bureaus.

For this reason, it is important to keep a written record of the pay for delete or settlement agreement in case the agreement terms are not applied to the credit report record as is shown in this video.

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 Time Stamp
0:00 Intro
5:55 Vantage Score after payment
7:19 Open Balance Error
8:17 Account Status Error
8:36 Account Remarks Error
9:06 Summary
10:54 Outro

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    I received a collection letter for settlement of an old debt, it has not been reported to the bureaus. The settlement is less than 50% of original debt. Question, wouldn’t it be best to pay the debt before it damages my scores? I’ve been working hard at repairing and would hate to be set back. I’d appreciate your feedback, thank you.

  29. Layla and Liyah
    July 28, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Hello, I've a question.
    I have two CC reported as bad debt (Charged off/closed)
    I contact the bank & they stated I cannot pay through them but they're still the original/current creditor and the collection agency is apparently helping them collect.

    Well according to my credit report the bad debt isn't in collections. What is the 1st step in getting this resolved and off my credit report? I would love to buy property but these two CC are hurting my credit tremendously. Please help! Should I send a verification letter to the collection agency? (Pay to delete)

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    Info always good. Learned these tips years ago. I just got on the train of improving my credit by purchasing a secured credit card. I have 2 recurring charges on it that are less than $30 dollars and have seen my credit score go up 30 pts. However, I'm still getting credit card apps with 25.99% APR. Is this because I still have collections on my credit report? Or not enough credit history?