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Credit Score 645 – How to Choose

600 – 640 Credit Score Loans from – Can you get approved for a loan with a credit score this low? The answer us yes, for sure if you have a solid asset to use for security.

If you need a loan based only on your monthly income for security it gets dicey. This puts you in a situation where you’ll get a lot of high cost, high APR companies.

If your credit is in the 600 to 640 range you will have to look at your current situation with a plan for the future. Meaning you need to sort out why you’re in debt as much as you are, or why your score is low.

You shouldn’t even bother with a personal loan when you have a score that low, but of course there are emergency situations that pop up when you least expect it.

In this video Randy shows you our offer for bad credit applicants, and even shows out competitors for you to check out.

At We Find Lenders we have over 500+ lenders who take part in our lender network for bad credit borrowers. This group is heavily vetted to make sure there are no predatory lenders lurking around looking for a way to charge ridiculous APR (annual percentage rate).

It’s been an exhausting process, but it’s been worth it.

So if you have a credit score hovering in the 600-640 range you will have a access to over 30+ lenders who approve folks in that score range.

Our bad credit loan report page for 2019 is here:

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