Stung by 500 Fire Ants!

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This episode is sponsored by Sting Kill.

On this episode, get ready to watch as Coyote gets STUNG by 500 VOLCANO ANTS! What were to happen if you attended a wedding only to find out there was an uninvited guest… Fire Ants! Well, don’t worry! Coyote is here to teach you how to avoid being scorched by these ants if you ever come across them… and he’ll also show you how to heal the pain!
Big thank you to Sting Kill for sponsoring this episode! Real Medicine, Real Relief, Real Fast – when it comes to killing the sting, nothing beats Sting Kill! Be sure to check out their ultimate Fire Ant remedy, Fire Out! For more information on Sting Kill products and where to get them, visit and

Thank you to Meredith Joyce-Houghton for creating the incredible artwork in this episode! IG: @joycehoughtoncreative
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